Virtual Keypad with Touchpad
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General Description
Elan touchpad uses the patented technology to detect the position of a finger over a touch-sensitive area. The user can move his finger on the top (sensor area) of touchpad to cause a cursor moving. Elan patented and proprietary single chip touchpad technology senses the minute changes of capacitance when a finger or other conductive object is placed on the top of sensor area. The capacitance variation is measured for each trace of the sensor area.
The chip contains a micro-controller which uses this information for computing the finger position. The touchpad is also with five input pins which can detect the pressed button signal and report it to host. Elan Touchpad can communicate with the host via a defined SPI or UART interface. 

Intuitive operation, light touch, and precise control.
Lower profile, compact size and light weight.
Communicate with host through SPI or UART interface.
Provide five buttons and position status to host.
High reliability with no moving part.
Insensitive to moisture from atmospheric humidity and sweaty finger
Automatic calibration, no user’s activity is required and free from ambient
environment changing.
Sensor lines: 7 x 7
High resolution: 
X- axis: 0 ~ 320 dots (absolute coordinate report). 
Y- axis: 0 ~ 320 dots (absolute coordinate report). 
Angle: 0 ~ 89 counts (absolute coordinate report).
Power saving mode: Low current consumption in the deep sleep mode (<10uA,
typical: 1 uA).
Wide operating voltage: 2.8 ~ 5.5 V.
Gesture detection function: Can detect the number of fingers on the touchpad.